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What is Toll Fraud?

Toll Fraud is an unlawful attempt by hackers to gain remote access to your telephone system. It is a huge

global hacking threat costing businesses a documented £25.5 billion each year, and because many attacks are

unreported the real figure is likely to be much higher.

Who Does it Affect?

It can affect any organisation utilising a phone system, be it a PBX on site, VoIP SIP PBX or hosted phone


How Does it Work?

Hackers gain access to your phone system and place calls to premium destinations, usually numbers that

generate revenue to them. As the call is placed through your phone system you are liable for the cost of the


Quick Facts on Toll Fraud

  • 15% increase year on year
  • £25.5bn global cost each year
  • £1.2bn yearly cost in the uk alone
  • The UK is the 3rd most targeted country worldwide
  • 84% of UK businesses are open to be hacked
  • £10,000.00 is the average non reclaimable cost of each unprotected hack

How Does Circle Eye Protect my Business?

As an opt-out product, it monitors your call activity 24/7/365 and simultaneously alerts Circle’s technical

team of any suspicious activity in real time. If this activity takes place out of office hours, as it usually does,

we will place a temporary bar on outgoing calls. If it happens during office hours, we will contact you to ask

if you are placing these calls, and if not the bar on outgoing calls is placed.

Following the bar on outgoing calls all passwords are changed and service is restored. Finally, a

comprehensive review of how the hack occurred takes place in order to avoid it happening again

How Much Does Circle Eye Cost?

Details can be found within our Terms and Conditions. Please visit to read our Full Terms. 

Who do I Contact for Further Information?

For further information on Toll Fraud or to opt out, please contact your Account Manager. For general

information on Toll Fraud, a simple web search will give you an objective view of the problem, affecting all

types of telephone systems worldwide.

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